Children's Hospital leadership in the operations of the bronchoscopy

Prof:/ Tarek El desouky Professor of Allergy and Immunology Pediatric during doing the opertion of the bronchoscopy for a chlid

Strange objects and foods that are inhaled in the airway or ingested and stability in the corridors of food represents a serious health problem, especially in children under the age of five. The exposure of many children to secondary complications, including pneumonia and other types of Pulmonology which calls Trgidhm in the hospital for long periods of time. It can also infected child is exposed to more serious complications may lead to death.

What are the exotic objects that are considered dangerous?

The more exotic objects that are commonly inhaled by children are different types of seeds. Seeds of the sun, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, constitute more than 50% of strange objects that is extracted from the air ducts. The peanut kernels occupies second place among the exotic objects that are commonly inhaled or ingested, where the percentage of cases that were hit by 17%, followed by plastic objects and other types of pain Rat and bones. The other exotic objects included on the barren and cut beads and a piece of gold chain and a small nail short. The coins are significantly more exotic objects that are commonly ingested and hang it in the corridors of food in children, and usually settle at the top of the esophagus directly behind the larynx. And other common objects include a fish bone and bone chicken and large pieces of solid foods and jewelry such as earrings.


Requires treating this condition to settling the injured in hospital and undergo general anesthesia and a process called endoscopy popular or endoscopy of the esophagus, where they are inserted metal tool flare-like tube through the mouth and throat and progressing in the airway to reach the lungs or esophagus, then is set into a UFO, is captured and checked with special tools. The development, which also happened in the equipment industry and medical instruments has facilitated this process, but it remains difficult and the potential to threaten a person's life. And if it is not achieved any success to take out the strange object in this way it would be necessary to conduct another process may open or still part of the lung.

Do not be late to see a doctor for treatment:

If a child were injured suddenly Ballahat or choking while eating should be taken to the emergency room immediately, even if symptoms disappear after a short time. In many cases in which a child swallowed a foreign body, it is exposed to a short bout of respiratory distress, followed by a long period, which appears to be mild symptoms or no symptoms appear never. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the presence of UFOs as soon as possible because delay often leads to complications 

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