Multinational medical team visiting units Cardiac Children's Hospital






Prof. Hala Almrsfawy Professor of cardiology unit in Children's Hospital at the invitation of a. Prof / Mohammed Majdi Abu al-Kheir, head of cardiology medical team multinational headed a. Prof. Zohair Halees Senior Consultant distinct heart surgery center at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia assisted anesthetists and intensive care of America and Australia to visit and two heart diseases in children Mansoura university children's Hospital. The visit lasted for a week of 6/11 to 11/13/2009 The team which in collaboration with a. Prof. Adel camel head of the unit work processes to birth defects complex heart where he was conducting the process of converting an artery in the child with different in origin great arteries of the heart of old baby 13 days and weighs 2900 grams, a first for a child in this weight taking place in Egypt of its kind has been patient recovers completely without any complications have also been other complex operations, such as process Ross and Fontaine process. Prof. Hala Almrsfawy "in collaboration with members of the cardiology unit" work ultrasound of the cardia before and after surgical intervention in the operation room . It was agreed with the team on a repeat visit once every six months for joint cooperation as well as for the continued development of crew operations and intensive care at the hospital.

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